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We make elite, author's hand-drawn wallpapers, as well as frescoes and wallpapers murals that have received wide public recognition from interior designers and ordinary consumers. The process of making wallpaper combines the work of artists in painting and modern digital technologies for transferring images to any kind of manual work of and a master decorator for applying textured coatings, which gives the wallpaper a unique beauty of surface texture.

Part of the technology is the skill of our computer designers who make any changes to the images upon request. Thus, the consumer receives a finished product that can rightfully be called unique and exclusive.

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Special Offer

Special Offer

Our technology transfers the unique technique of artistic drawing of objects in the form of painting or graphics to the wallpaper canvas. Exclusive plots are conveyed in the smallest detail, brush strokes are so realistic, as if the master was creating right on your wall.

High Quality

High Quality

The products do not contain substances harmful to health and comply with fire safety standards. Our company uses only high quality and environmentally friendly materials for the production of its wallpaper. Therefore, our wall murals are highly flexible and durable.

Profitable Cost

Profitable Cost

We produce exclusive designer murals and wallpapers at prices well below European designer brands. You buy unique products for your home or business directly from the manufacturer. Affordable investment pays off with aesthetic pleasure for your family.

Wall Masterpieces For Your: Frescoes, Wall Murals

Collective Lifestyle is a manufacturer of handmade wallpapers using our own patented technology. If you don't like the joints between the canvases, we will create a solid panel of the desired size.

The maximum size of one canvas is 10.5 x 33.4 feet. Upon request, we will develop an individual sketch, select an image in the style of your interior, embody it in environmentally friendly materials and install it on the most difficult surface. Collective Lifestyle provides a full range of services, from the selection of images to the installation of frescoes and photo wallpapers.

At the request of the client, we change the color scheme, dimensions and proportions of the picture for the finished interior. If necessary, the artist will remove unnecessary objects or paint them. It is possible to replace the background, as well as color correction of individual fragments. The finished version will be completely individual, and all your wishes.

6 Reasons Choose Us

• Free delivery

• Large choice of texture

• Sustainability

• Individual an approach

• Seamless technologies

• Financing available

As a full-cycle factory, we exercise full control at all stages of the production of our decorative wall products - from unique author's images to professional installation work of any complexity.

How Can I Order?

Take a look at the catalog section - there it is easy to find an image that will make your interior unique. For convenience, plots are sorted by collections and styles. Then fill out the online form and indicate the required dimensions. Further wait for a call from our staff.

Anti-counterfeiting Protection

All canvases (frescoes, mural wallpaper, panels) from us have a corporate mark - a quality mark that the artist puts after checking the products. Each product has an individual number and branded packaging. Each tube contains instructions for self-installation.

Just See How Cozy It Can Be

Frescoes in the bathroom


Despite the fact that ceramic tiles, common in bathroom interiors, have been showing their effectiveness for many decades, they have an important design flaw. The tile does not allow to fully reveal the spirit, character and preferences of the owner.

Murals in the bedroom


The fresco fits perfectly into the interior of a modern bedroom. The bright accent wall is a necessary contrast to the white walls and light floor. The fresco around the entire perimeter of the room, repeating the landscape outside the window, looks unusually stylish.

Fresco in the living room

Living Room

Mural wallpapers in living rooms look especially impressive. This decor element not only fits into any design, thanks to the richness of the plots of images and colors, but also gives individuality to the living room. Frescoes become the centerpiece of the interior.

Mural wallparer in the dining room

Dining Room

When decorating dining rooms, many owners choose designs that stand out for their beauty and uniqueness. One such solution is a frescoes. This art, which came from antiquity, has not yet lost its popularity. Enjoy your meal in an irresistible interior with the friends.

Frescoeas and Marals Wallpaper in the kitchen


The advantages of using murals wallpaper or frescoes in the interior of the kitchen is also ease of use. This can happen at any stage of the repair. How carefully you think through each element depends on the overall picture and setting in the kitchen.

Frescoes in the children's room

Children's Room

For a fresco in a children's room, it is better to choose multifaceted subjects that create a whole world. Whether there will be a forest or an underwater kingdom, distant countries and exotic animals, cosmic distances, geographical maps or a magic alphabet - it's up to you.